Author Topic: Is anyone familiar with "Solis" hybrid inverters?  (Read 481 times)

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Is anyone familiar with "Solis" hybrid inverters?
« on: May 29, 2023, 05:58:49 pm »
I have been a fan of Victron Energy products for a long time. They make a lot of equipment that is suitable for things like UPS, off-grid, RV etc, but they do not (afaik) have any grid-tie systems intended for selling PV power back to the grid. For some time the marked has been a bit divided where some manufacturers only make batteryless "grid tie oriented" inverters, while others like Victron only make "battery oriented" off-grid inverters. So depending on the use case you'd either go with the one or the other group of manufacturers.

However recently I noticed that one of the retailers I order equipment from, has a Solis hybrid inverter that seems to close the gap and bring both features into the same product. It is mainly intended for grid-tie operation to sell PV back to the grid, but it also has an option for a battery bank so you don't need to rely as much on the grid when there is no sun. But even then, it also doubles with a "UPS mode" where it will work more like an off-grid system. It does not shut down on loss of mains like an ordinary grid-tie inverter.

On top of that, when I compare the price of the Solis inverter to a similarly specced Victron inverter, the Solis inverter is only like 60% of the cost of a victron system. Much cheaper, and with the benefit of extra features.

In my case I don't really need it for the grid-tie features other than to recharge the batteries from a generator when needed. But it might come as an extra bonus if I ever repurpose the inverter for something else.

I wonder if anyone has got any experience operating them mainly as off-grid and if there are any limitations that I should be aware of, considering it is mainly intended as a grid-tie product. Normally I'd probably get something from victron, but the lower price point made me curious.
I also wonder if anyone has any experience with Solis inverters in general and if they are of good quality, and if the performance claimed in the datasheet can be trusted or are boasted beyond what they can truely deliver.

Anyone? :-)

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