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Is there a risk of blowing up electrolytic caps while doing hot air gun reworks?


Jim from Chicago:
I was recently doing a rework where I had to replace a diode in a D2PAK package, so I used a hot air gun. There was an electrolytic cap right next to the diode and I was getting a bit nervous. The tech here recommends setting the hot air gun to 415C so that's what I set it at. Nothing bad happened in my case but is there a risk of something explosive happening in this type of situation?

Jesus christ, I get nervous putting mine over 280C, and they said crank it to, what, 415 must be the absolute max?!  That's glowing hot!! (Very faintly, in a dark room.)


A piece of shaped sheet metal as a shield for the cap works wonders.

yes, dont do it...caps are eg 105c for 10000hrs....if they  go above that 105degc for even short intervals, there lifetime is seriously reduced.


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