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Is this company a good future investment? Altis Motor Vehicles

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Hello everyone,

Not looking for financial advice here, I just wanted to get your opinion on this company I found, through an add on Instagram.

From what they have posted on their website, they have raised 2.4$ from two crowdfunding campaigns they run.

They are trying to raise 25m$ in total for the implementation of their developed electric battery technology in a prototype electric truck.

The founding team seems to be very legit though....


Oh and I am not affiliated to them in any way just curious  ;D


--- Quote from: ChrisGreece52 on May 05, 2021, 02:05:34 am ---I found, through an add on Instagram.

--- End quote ---
Is not that enough to not look any further?

What serious company would look for investors though ads on instagram?

This is a scam to extract small sums of money from a lot of "investors".

All their numbers are laughably small by modern standards. Even if they have some sort of a product,they will be eaten alive. If somebody bothers to buy them, it will be the best case scenario.

Also, who puts area of the facility as one of the leading stats about the company? In what world that is relevant? Anyone can rent a warehouse.

Thanks for your input, it seemed a bit weird to find them advertising on social media for investors.

On the other hand though when I read though the founding teams linked in profiles revealed that they had experience in the automotive industry or engineering in general.

I posted the question because contrary to the  startups that Dave roasts from time to time, this one seems to be legit and run by people with experience in the field.

Companies fail when they run out of money. How well can they raise funds is the key question. Look at the big failures. They're big failures precisely because they were good at raising money.

Short answer, probably not.

See if you can decide if Tesla is a good investment. Their success is still far from certain. For now the bankers are willing to convert debt to stock but if that changes and the debt servicing cost gets too much they'll fail too. Tesla is paying down the debt though.

Look for companies with good management. Trust them to hire good engineers. Not the reverse.

IMHO, much too much vertical integration for a beginning startup.
As a small startup, you want, at the same time, to develop a "different" battery cell, pack, and vehicle ? and this with a much too small budget ?
What can possibly go wrong.......

--- Quote ---IPO is a goal.
--- End quote ---
My approx translation would be:

--- Quote ---My goal is to make my small company look nice in marketing so I can sell it riding a wave.
--- End quote ---


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