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Lead acid battery Regenerator (12KW pulse power) DiY.

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Hi guys.
Just built a device for a guy down under  in TIWI. Shot a video of it. Works so well i am thinking of offering it as a kit.
Have a look...and pls comment! I'd be willing to send one to Dave to try out as a DIY effort.

It won't work. This has been tried so many times by so many people. Kind of like a perpetual motion machine. There are companies that do lead-acid battery repairs but there is much much more to it than just sending pulses into a battery.

I've taken apart a few dead lead acid batteries and in every case so far one of the plates has completely crumbled to dust. I don't think sulfating is as simple as it is often described.

There's ten different reasons lead-acid batteries fail. Metal in a strong acid solution?! Most failures are mechanical due to corrosion.

Sulphation is one reason, and those non-conductive crystals are stubbornly stuck in the plate's pores. TEM photos show various crystal chunk sizes form.
Decades of chemicals, additives, new electrolyte, overcharging tricks tried etc. and nothing can really remove them.
There is mention adding carbon graphite to the plates in a few patents decades old but it seems there's really no need to improve lead-acid battery technology.

I tried building sulphators and find they don't do anything beyond a gross charging session for the battery, which might help with mild sulphation.
Holding on to a bad stock, hoping it goes up - this is human psychology. Holding on to a trash battery and hoping it will come to life, well it's dead Jim.
Even "12kW pulses" can only induce current around the passive sulphate crystals, short enough pulse to not cause heating and gassing but IMHO that crystal ain't moving without losing plate material as well.

To make a real and lasting impression, find a moderately to severely sulfated telco cell with clear plastic housing and make a time lapse series showing actual results along with actual load vs. voltage graphs at different stages of the test.


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