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LED bulbs don't like MSW inverters?

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Yes, the bulb uses 300 mA at 18 V, so a 1 A or 500 mA fuse should be fine, maybe even less.

I didn't realize the LED bulb works on AC. But the SCR crowbar can be put on the output of the rectifier then!

No, no, no, there is no external rectifier  :)

There is a low voltage AC/DC light bulb temporarily installed in a standard table lamp with a mains cord and a mains plug. The risk is that if somebody inadvertently plugged it into the mains, the bulb would blow up, possibly with a bang. Therefore we are considering some kind of black box that could be inserted into the mains cord to protect the bulb in this event.

But this idea is flawed, because the installation of the low voltage bulb is meant to be temporary, just used in the event of a power outage. If we went to the trouble of installing a black box in the mains cord, we might just as well cut off the mains plug and install a low voltage connector.

So this whole discussion in a sense is a dead end  :(


--- Quote ---the bulb uses 300 mA at 18 V, so a 1 A or 500 mA fuse
--- End quote ---
id be more tempted with a 250mA fuse,


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