Author Topic: Good use converter dpsVVAA : dps3005, dps5005, dps5015, and so.  (Read 149 times)

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Good use converter dpsVVAA : dps3005, dps5005, dps5015, and so.
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:39:00 pm »
Hi everybody,

I use a converter dps3005, and I don't know if it is resistant to connection errors.

(1) Must I mount diode(s) or rectifier (with 4 diodes) before its input if one day I confuse (+)wire and (-)wire ?
Its case has a very small second converter for the fan. Is it protected against the switching of the power cables or not ?

(2) I connect the dps3005 to my power supply by a 5.5mm x 2.1 (or 2.5mm) plug. It is a cheap power supply, it looks like laptop power supply.
It's a 36V x 3A = 108W power supply. 
When I connect converter and power together I get a light spark, and my dmm display a current peak at 20A or 30A (peak measure from a ut-61e), One instant after the current decreases at usual values 100mA or 1A.
A 3A fuse remains and doesn't burn, this time is too short. Maybe 10^-2, 10^-3, 10^-4 second...
Can my power supply will resist to this (very short time-very high value) current peak ?
Must I decrease this peak in order to keep this power supply ? I don't know how... must I put a little resistor in serie on the input wire ?
It looks like current peak when a motor starts.

(3) If I use 2 power supplies AC/DC 40V for 2 dps converters, then can I plug them is serial or in parallel ?
Is it better to place one diode on each (+) output in order to prevent the current from "going up" in the converter ?
Can I even use this unit with a diode in order to refill battery (at the right tension) ? 14.1V for pb (car battery), 4.2V for one lithium cell ?

(4) It seems that linux sigrok can read/write? data from/to new dps.
Is there short programs in Python that can read/write theses dps devices ? (in order to plot Volt-Ampere caracteristics)

(5) I may buy a usb-dps even if I already have one without usb link, for electronic tips and refill batteries.
I don't know which model I must choice ?

(i) low current=5A - high current=15A
(ii) low tension=30V - high tension=50V
(iii) decrease tension only dps - with decrease/increase tension dph
(iv) laptop power supply in plastic case - led power supply in metal case
(v) 36V or 48V power supply
(vi) 3A - 10A - 20A  power supply
There is 32x3=96 choices ! 

Thank you very much for your advices...

F. from France

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