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Lies, lies and the laws of termodynamics

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Software version of Batteriser.. renew your carge of the cellphone batteries by a app..  :palm:

Fiji PM endorses InstaCharge, the app its creators claim can recharge your phone

PM Frank Bainimarama wants to make Fiji a telecoms hub but experts say phone app breaks the laws of thermodynamics

The creators of the app – American Douglas Stewart and Fijian businessman Gaurangbhai Patel – said their invention took two years to complete and was a world-first. On their Facebook page, they said their mission was for users to “always be reachable during an emergency crisis”.

“It is a pleasure to launch this world-changing app in Fiji,” said Stewart at the launch party. “I would like to go back to America with one billion users.”

The mobile app claims to store excess battery power when an Android smartphone is charged overnight. When the battery runs low during the day, a phone can be recharged in 30 seconds by accessing stored power through the app, it was claimed.



Lets define what "excess battery power" means, and go from there.


--- Quote from: Bud on December 03, 2016, 05:08:24 am ---Lets define what "excess battery power" means, and go from there.

--- End quote ---
void * excess_power =NULL;

I expect they are just "reserving" a percent of charge and fudging the battery capacity numbers so that when they hit the "recharge" it removes the reserve limit and sets the total capacity to the reserve capacity, it'll go to 100% all right,100% of the reserve.

PM Bananarama (couldn't resist) is using a different type of science. It's NewScience, where if you really believe something it becomes true. It's very popular in all the coolest parties and college campuses. (Those squares in the engineering school still haven't gotten with the program. As usual, the nerds!) Here in California there seems to be an overabundance of people using this NewScience in arguments and various media. The political class, in particular (all over the world, that is) seems enamored with it.

By the by, down in the real world there are some good news on super-capacitor technology, still at the technology development phase, so not ready for deployment. Of course, the media (don't get me started on the reporting on engineering, my blood pressure is high enough) is already over-promising:

What the researchers say: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acsnano.6b06111 (use a library proxy to get the paper: they describe early-days experiments; promising, not ready for prototyping even).

How the media spin it: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/11/23/battery-breakthrough-will-let-phones-charge-seconds-last-week/

(The telegraph isn't too bad, but it's clear the journalist has no clue about the different stages between technology and mass-marketed product)



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