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LiFePO4 sources

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--- Quote from: gnif on August 06, 2022, 11:55:36 am ---1) Li-Po is a generalisation of all lithium-ion cells using a polymer electrolyte which I would never consider for anything that I make/use that needs to be "safe".

--- End quote ---

And none are commercially available AFAIK. All li-ion cells sold to general public use liquid electrolyte. The polymer electrolyte thing never really took off albeit being discussed and tested in 1990's.

Some manufacturers use the name, though, as some kind of inside joke or marketing thing. Polymer is only in packaging (plastic bag).

Thanks for all the information, folks. I have bought a couple from ebay, and some chargers to experiment with.
I expect to use about 400 units/year, buying in 100s.


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