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I'm building a product that needs about 10Wh of rechargeable battery. A 3.3Ah Li-Ion 18650 would do nicely, but it seems LiFePO4 is the up and coming technology - allegedly safer and greener than Li-Ion.

Where can I find good quality information such as recommended manufacturers, discharge curves, etc.  ?

UK buying sources are helpful but elsewhere is fine if there is a better place to get them.

It seems you found some marketing material from year 2002.

Anyway, the problem is not many reputable manufacturers do LFP chemistry. So you are left with crap tier random Chinese vendors like Winston Chung. Despite LFP being safer chemistry, it is not safe enough to allow ignorance of safety. Therefore, actual LFP products have worse safety record than high quality LCO, NCA or NMC cells.

Low quality Chinese LCO/NCA is of course the worst possible deal.

Speaking of:

I'm struggling to find a supplier for NCA/NMC pouch cells for an upcoming product. The few Google results I contacted never replied; does anyone know a supplier? Talking 45-65Wh here, think laptop battery.

> It seems you found some marketing material from year 2002.

Interesting, thanks. I did seem to find an unreasonable number of dead links and missing pages.

You should buy LFP from Chinese manufacturers since they embraced the technology a while ago due to it being patent free if not shipped outside of China, end eventually became global leaders in LFP (China needs a LOT of batteries) while rest of the world chose other chemistries. AFAIK all LFP patents have just expired, so Chinese started actively exporting them.


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