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lipo battery charger


hi all i would like to build my own charger for a nominal 72v full charged 84v lipo pack but i would like it to be able to charge with up to 60 amp and i would like it to have the ability to have its smprage going out to be controled via a micro controler any help would be nice
i am thinking about a buck converter as the mane arcitecter but i cant seem to find a buck controler to do this task
i would also like it to oparate based on constent current constent voltage both being able to be set by the micro controler

From the question I am just wondering if you have prior experience designing that kind power eletconics hardware because it is not trivial to build that charger.

Also may I ask what this charger is for? 72V @ 60 amps is quite a lot of power. Some kind of E-Bike?

I would suggest to look for something off the shelf if the goal is just to have something that works.

If you are looking for a project to learn this can be a fun project but it won't be super easy

hi there no i do not have any exspariance with high power eletronics hightest i have delt with is 12v projects
and i would go off the shelf but its ether crazy exspensive or imposible to find documentatin on how the protocal is used
and yes its for a home built e trike with the battery pack about 11kw hence why i want a high power charger
and i am always up for a chanalge


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