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Lipo power to weight ratio.

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has some general power to weight ratio for lipo packs?

For my 7.4v packs I get about 28ma/gram.

Reason I am asking is I have just taken delivery of some packs and they are smaller than my last packs and lighter.

And on a third note, does anyone have a battery manufacturer for custom lipo packs they have used and trust that they would like to share via pm?
I'm feeling like I might have been a little done over here...


That sounds about right if this battery is anything to go by.

I assume you are talking about Energy/Mass or Wh/gram. Apparently it is called specific density, whereas Energy Density is measured as Wh/L

Because u say power/weight but measure in Current/Mass. So  careful with your units.

--- Quote ---    Votage: 3.7v
    Continuous Discharge Rating: 1C
    Maximum Discharge Rating: 1C
    Connector: PH2.0 JST connector
    Cable Length: Approx. 70mm
    Size: 58x35x5mm
    Weight: 22g
--- End quote ---

(random internet battery.)
Energy/Mass = V * Ah/kg = 3.7 * 1/ 0.022 = 168 Wh/kg

(your battery.)
Energy/Mass = V * Ah/kg = 7.4 * 28 = 207 Wh/kg

Maybe the series cell arrangement is confusing you. This will give the same Wh/kg, a higher voltage but less Ah/kg


Yeah, my power to weight is really just a quick check of mAh/weight.
It seems there has been a booboo! I have run these new packs through several cycles and they are consistently 1Ah less capacity than my 40g heavier 3 years old(in storage) packs  :-//

So far no response from the seller/manufacturer, though only emailed a few hours ago as I had to do a lot of testing to make sure my battle was a worthy one!

Lol, and it was the one pack I could not compromise on  |O

Thankfully, I can make use of them.

In the end it's not whether they're better or worse than your previous packs.
It's whether they meet the specification the manufacturer promised to deliver.

And the answer to that is a big fat NO.
But being on an entirely different continent, I am not holding my breath that it will get sorted out.
All I can do is work out a way to use/unload them and get more from a different supplier that are built to spec.


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