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LIR2032 button cells



maybe this kind of battery is to small for this forum, but anyhow: Has anyone experience with the rechargeable button cells?

I ordered 10 and received 20. Now I´m tempted to use them everywhere where a CR2032 is needed.

Their voltage is significantly higher than their CR2032 counterpart - they have 3,7V nominal 4,2Vmax compared to 3,2V nominal 3,6Vmax.

Their short circuit current is also significant. If they cant in a narrow conductive holder metal can glow up and melt. Very impressive for such small cells!

My question: Has anyone experiences to share? Can they be used e.g. in Apple Airtags? Are there any explosions to be reported? Has anyone experience with shelf-life and self-discharge?

I also ordered a few considering using it in consumer devices. But then the microcontroller is often times run from the CR2032 without anything in between. So I cannot judge if a device can use it without reverse engineering it. Disappointing.

For CR2032 (3V) replacements, I bought some LIR2032 but didn't dare to use them in "electronics", too high voltage.
Even the wife didn't like them in her "Tea lights", too bright she said.

I have switched to ML2032.
Think they're 60mAh, so still much lower than CR2032 .. But rechargeable ..
Ie. Wifey has to switch batts' in Tea lights more often "But we're greener"  :popcorn:

They are usually like 40mAh  vs 220mAh for a normal CR2032.

So you get rechargeablity and higher current but only 18% capacity.


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