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Lithium ion charging balancer questions for 18650s

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96s? Holy smokes!
Whatever you do, don't accidentally touch + and - !
You making a rodent eliminator??  :-DD

In all seriousness, Do you need to bump the voltage up that high from the battery source?
Could you use a boost converter of some sort or do you require high current at that voltage? And efficiency?
As for a right way, I think you are on your own here.

Boost converter?    :D - we are talking about e-drive here.  Such as 24 kWh storage and 40 kW power.

Yeah, righto. That makes sense then!

Good luck with it!

Are you asking what's the best way to get 96 cells wired up series; Like should you solder directly to the terminals or use a cell holder? Ive never gone above 14S so I'm excited to see your project.


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