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Looking for a smart powerstrip with monitoring over ethernet


I was wondering if anyone knows of a powerstrip/powerboard that has Australian GPOs, that comes preflashed with something like Tasmota? Bonus points if it has an Ethernet cable for data!

At the moment I have a KP115, but it seems to disconnect from the wifi pretty often, even though the Wifi router is probably 100cm away with a clear line of sight. Drives me insane!

I could get a bunch of the Athom 16A AU Power Monitoring Plugs (https://templates.blakadder.com/athom_PG05V2-AU16A-TAS) but I am scared that it would still not play nicely with the wifi network.

Been thinking about maybe a managed PDU, but they all seem relatively expensive ($500+).

Would be awesome if there was a power-board that had 10 general purpose outlets, or a mixture of outlets with GPO/IEC C13 that could be used to plug in computer power-supplies & monitors directly. A bunch of USB outlets for charging devices would be nice, but not necessary.

(two monitors, two computers could be then plugged in directly with IEC 13 cables, and everything else, wall warts etc could be plugged in using their supplied cables).


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