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Map Of Solar Installations In Sydney

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Impressive document do you know if are they subsidised by being paid a feed in tariff or some other means and could it be that there are more out there which aren't counted because they're not?

"This map represents solar PV panel installations registered on the Renewable Energy Certificate Registry from 2001 to 2015"

This registry is not unlike a share trading register.  You acquire "shares" by installing systems which - in essence - reduce the demand on the grid, such as solar hot water systems, heat pump hot water systems ... and solar electricity generating systems.  How many "shares" depends on how much energy the system produces or displaces.  Once acquired, these "shares" can be bought, sold or traded.

There are some rules about how you can get these Renewable Energy Certificates, such as using components from an approved list and having an approved designer design it as well as the installation being compliant with the relevant standards.  As a result, it is conceivable that you may have a fully functional installation that uses all the right equipment and is compliant to the safety requirements, but wan't "designed" by an approved person ... and you won't be able to claim any RECs.

As such, those won't appear on that map - but considering these RECs are worth real money, anyone putting in an installation is going to make the effort to get them.

Looks like Sydney markets is on a roll - reneweconomy.com.au/sydney-markets-completes-640kw-solar-car-park-nears-1mw-of-capacity-66473/
I wonder what the near zero dips are due to ? https://easyview.auroravision.net/easyview/index.html?entityId=2619418
With such an impressive array, maybe electrical faults? Even with heavy cloud cover, rain and sleet, it shouldn't be zero?
Hey Dave, can you patch yours into this ? :-)

Sitting ducks. A good percentage of users could be off-grid for electricity in Australian suburbs.

Certainly when we take into account the hidden taxes we all pay along with the sky-high electricity costs we pay in Australia (among the highest on the planet - if not the highest - despite living an energy-rich country), it has been nothing less than a scam to keep users on the grid, paying The Man for basics & paying lip-service (if that) to self-sufficient sustainability.

All of it wrapped up in enviro-BS.


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