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Measuring ESD/Partial Discharge in electric grid.

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ESD= electrostatic discharge , eg from cold, dry weather, walking across an acrylic carpet.

EMI: Electromagnetic Interference eg radio transmitter or motor sparks

Suspect you have a power transient /power quality issue.

A UPS, transient protector will not fix it.

Try to contact your utility , and ask neighbors if they have same issues.

A power survey firm will cost many 1000s $/E/L and do nothing to find th real cause


dervu, my 2c is that you show no technical credibility because you don't want to present a detailed background.  You could for example simply link to a detailed document that presents your tests and symptoms so far - presumably you have and use such a detailed document as a way of progressing with your investigation?  If you don't, then that suggests a lack of scientific skill and approach, and hence other forum readers may have your view that it is just a waste of their time to respond as any testing is not being adequately reviewed for rigor and outcome.


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