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more efficient solar panels (idea)

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Efficiency is becoming secondary in importance in home solar applications. The utilities hate the homeowner dumping power into the grid at peak solar times.  Feeding onto the grid, the homeowner gets paid almost nothing and the utilities often have to pay to dump the power. You may not even get that soon enough with smart meters.  Smart home controls to schedule home loads like cloths and dish washing machines water heating, heating and AC, and even your refrigerator will be the next technology wave to get better payback.


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--- Quote from: badvoc on May 09, 2017, 06:27:46 pm ---Damn all my best ideas have been done, ah well best stick with the day job then :)

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Pretty much all the simple stuff has already been invented. I've just come to accept the fact that if I come up with something cool, somebody out there somewhere has already come up with something even cooler and done so a year before me.

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That is probably not true.  But all of the obvious stuff has.

Well that's more or less what I meant. The days of one or two guys coming up with something really revolutionary in their garage are long past.

I was actually trying to say that I believe there is a chance that two guys in a garage can come up with something really new.  If so it will come out of left field, totally unsuspected.  It may or may not be simple.  But it probably won't be a simple application of principles taught in schools.

Red Squirrel:
This has crossed my mind, but the opposite.  Use glycol to heat the panels in winter to melt the snow off.  To stick to renewable sources the heat could be done with a wood boiler.   Not sure what is the best way to heat glycol with fire though, it sounds kinda unsafe lol.

In summer the system could very well be used to cool the panels too.    Just not sure if the power to run pump etc would be worthwhile vs the extra power you get.


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