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More or Most efficient hydronic heating basic unit? (natural gas)

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--- Quote from: ogden on October 31, 2021, 10:27:29 am ---It will be much more expensive due to technical challenges. For instance first hydrogen transport 116m ship will have just 1250 m3 capacity. Excerpt from article:

--- End quote ---

The first pilot ship is small and expensive? You don't say. The trucking industry is already making liquid hydrogen fuel tanks, huge amounts of practical development going on there with relatively little subsidy. Liquid hydrogen is piggy-backing on experience from LNG.

Trucking much like seasonal storage is where the rock meets the hard place ... liquid hydrogen is expensive, fine. Present a cheaper alternative ready to provide decarbonization in three decades. Nuclear is tentatively cheaper than seasonal storage with renewable, but for trucking you need power to liquid of some form and hydrogen has the greatest technical readiness. The promises from governments currently require hydrogen, it's that simple. Expensive can be done, fairy tales don't solve shit.


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