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Nanotechnology Boosts Power of Solar Cells


This could be kind of a big deal.




--- Quote from: rramirez on January 19, 2017, 05:30:10 pm ---This could be kind of a big deal.



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It depends if they can be cost competitive with the current PV technology. Cost of traditional PV cells is so low now that it will be hard for anything else to compete.
The increase in efficiency has only the advantage of reduced collector area for same power output and almost no one will be willing to pay more.
The life of this cells may also be significantly lower negating the benefits of increased efficiency.
There are already cells with above 40% efficiency by some time now and still they are not popular. The multi-junction solar cells can even get close to 50% efficiency and they are not that new and have an insignificant % of the market.


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