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Need help with finding non conductive tools for EV battery repair


I am currently working at the EV division of my company and one of the responsibilities i was given was to repair EV batteries. Problem is, our EV batteries are hard to dismantle, not to mention the risk of dismantling an EV battery with improper tools that could lead to hazardous situations. Can anyone recommend me some non-conductive dismantling tools for EV battery pack repair, especially for prying things open? I understand that this act is really unsafe but there's nothing i can do at my current position other than making it less risky for me and my coworkers. So if anyone can recommend me some international brand name tools that would be great.

Google is your friend: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Nupla-35-in-Composite-Fiberglass-Pry-Bar-Certified-Non-Conductive-with-Single-End-and-Curved-76601/203531519

Then get the regular selection of high voltage tools, offered by wiha/klein/whoever.

If you're only dealing with a few types, design jigs to cut them apart in a controlled manner.

Excellent idea!


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