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Neutral line fault detector NFP-1801?

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--- Quote from: Alti on January 25, 2023, 08:00:37 pm ---I have to visit Finland. Crazy, can you show some photos how this Finnish PEN looks like?

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Maybe the phrasing on that website is odd, but here's nothing weird about it

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There is. You live in Finland and you see that every day but believe me - we do not have such overhead designs elsewhere. I meant: How does such overhead line with phase conductors supported by PEN cable look like? Could you post an example photo?

--- Quote from: Caruna.fi ---the PEN conductor, which is a metal cable that supports the phase conductors between poles.
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See page 9 for images

This is for low-voltage distribution, on countryside. More densely populated areas have been converted to underground cabling of course.


--- Quote from: Siwastaja on January 27, 2023, 12:14:15 pm ---This is for low-voltage distribution, on countryside.
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AMKA cables. Or Aerial Bundled Cable.
Overhead lines are popular of course but it is the first time I see a bare PEN conductor that serves as mechanical support for phase conductors.. I thought such cables have an additional steel strand that serves as mechanical support.

An AL+FE version of PEN.

And some bigclivedotcom YT:


--- Quote from: Alti on January 27, 2023, 04:48:39 pm ---AMKA cables. Or Aerial Bundled Cable.

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Looking at a datasheet for a cable used here, it says the conductors are just aluminum, but the supporting bare wire is aluminum alloy. So probably some alloy with better mechanical strength. Not going to beat steel, of course.

I would assume such bundle almost always breaks as a whole, making neutral faults rare (or last for only some milliseconds). But it's impossible to completely eliminate neutral wire from breaking as long as the wire exists.


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