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Neutral line fault detector NFP-1801?

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Hey guys,

I'm just curious what do you think about this device "NFP-1801" by "Elektronska industrija Niš".

I can't find anything similar by any other manufacturer. Is it something that you would install in your fuse box?

Essentially in case of N line cutoff it shuts down the FID/Safety switch in fuse box.

There is a video demonstration but it's not in English, though the demonstration is pretty clear.


Clever device.

1) It is not certified for any EU country. Probably not allowed in a lot of them. Won't recommend.
2) neutral fault is extremely uncommon in most countries, it's not needed in fact
3) not sure if protected/safe from a few aspects, would like to see the inside
4) Would probably have false positives in situation like lightning
5) does not protect downstream (3-phase home only)

In regards to certification, the guy have mentioned that they have got all required certs for Serbia, which actually since JUS (Jugoslavia Standards) is actually pretty strictly following EU standards. So i would not be surprised if they make all required testings and get certified.

It's pretty new product, i might get one if someone is willing to make a proper review video?

hmm.. No CE marking. does not look good yet for compliance, but they will probably improve that over time.

Certifications aside, i was primarily wondering how useful such protection could be.

I guessing as nobody made it already, for all those years, so is it something worthy of installing. 


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