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New movie about bullshit green stuff.

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joseph nicholas:
Check this out.


Sounds promising.


just a sad obvious truth...

a bit late as this folk obliterated that shit



Yeh, 'green tech' is capitalism's answer to the environmental crisis.
Some of it may actually help but nonetheless the continued decline of our planet and its ecosystems seems almost inevitable from this point.
8 billion+ people is just not gonna be long-term sustainable, unless maybe 7 billion live in mud huts eating insects.
No democratic politicians dare talk about the one true solution - reducing global human population.


--- Quote from: joseph nicholas on May 05, 2021, 03:03:36 pm ---Check this out.


Sounds promising.

--- End quote ---
I wonder if it tackles the really big truths which must not be mentioned?

Screwing around in the margins with renewable energy is what we do to avoid admitting that the true alternative to very likely catastrophic collapse of technological civilization and human population in a couple generations is massive population reduction or massive standard of living reductions. I'd rather just pray for singularity too and keep on keeping on, I consider demographic collapse among smart fractions and cultural instability a bigger short term problem any way. Screwing around in the margins with renewable energy won't matter much regardless ... so if it makes some people feel better about the gamble, why not?

As long as it's not the truly stupid stuff which massively accelerates the coming catastrophes, like burning forests in refurbished coal power plants. Large scale biomass energy makes solar roadways look genius.

I really hope it addresses the huge concerns around Windmill Cancer


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