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--- Quote from: Dunk_c on October 25, 2016, 10:15:17 am ---Reality check - Anyone ever seen a 60w panel in a 550x440 frame?  Even without any testing this seems to be small and more like what I see for 40w panels. Also, some other panels in this wattage I have seen use a 36 string of 2/3 cut 125x125 cells (as far as I  ould measure from web pictures).

I have asked the seller if the replacement will meet the label performance. Waiting in reply.

--- End quote ---
This is the easy answer to your question! Other typical panels have less than 150W/m2, so their claim of 250W/m2 is very unlikely and only possible with bleeding edge single junction cells under ideal conditions. Its like battery capacities from grey market sellers, always suspicious.

Seller gave the usual story about panels never meeting quoted specs but I accepted offer of second free panel.  I'll just bolt the two together.  Not worth the hassle of return and finding another. Cost will be less than $1/W.  I don't have any placement constraints.  There were more than sixty endorsments for the item,  99% positive - I wonder what they actually got!

I will report back perfromance of second panel.

Most don't really know what their panels are doing.  Many solar systems have excess potential and it is difficult to determine when some start to go bad.  I have an Arduino based solar system and dump excess power to heat water.   I have a routine in TOOLS that I can call to shut everything off for a moment and operate the PWM heaters to determine power point and power of array.  Had enough panels go bad to know you can't just set and forget.

As expected the replacement panel performed similarly. 

I tried to determine a rough MPP, this time tracking MPP with a variable dummy load

2:30 pm, clear sky, hot panel, perpendicular to the sun
W/m^2 = 1070 using uncalibrated solar irradiance meter
60w electronic CC dummy load

See chart, MPP = 32w, half the advertised rating (under my conditions admittedly)

I expect the second unit will behave identically.

So the two connected in parallel should yield 60w.


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