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NiMH AA slow charger recommendation

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I want to get a charger for 4 AA NiMH cells, one that charges and sense each cell individually, not as many do, in pairs, and then goes to a float charge using short sharp high current pulses. Maybe even one that discharges the cell first, and maybe even gives some kind of capacity readout. Not absolutely necessary though. Overnight charging is fine. Already got a 15 minute charger and besides being a bit hard on the cells, they have to be in top condition or it either wont charge or it terminates early.

Sooo.... any recommendations on what I should look at? This is for occasional domestic use only. 

My favorite charger for this purpose is the Panasonic BQ-CC17.

Panasonic chargers in general seem to be well designed, and are also good for Eneloops.

Happy with my Charger Opus BT-C700.  I had it for a year now.


^^ I didn't know about that thread. Thanks. 👍

For at least 5 years the Eneloop Ni-MH batteries have been sold. All major battery manufacturers make Eneloops that are sold pre-charged because a charge lasts for one year. They say they do not need a trickle charge but if you must use it then limit it to 1/40th the mAh rating.


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