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No repair of Victron chargecontrollers

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No repair for these victrons...

yup, i have 3 x 100/50 in my parts bin because you cannot get to all the parts due to potting compound. also they use a mcu whi often goes and you cannot source firmware for it either.


Can you say more about the circumstances? Where was it build in, how much did it run?

A MPPT charge controller would seem like a nice open source project ;-). Somethine that would help the enviroment. Clean (almost) Energy, und less waste.

Too bad i went for a Ebike controller.

I keep reading potted for environmental reasons on these manufacturers websites but IMOP it's to protect the design and make them unrepairable!

I design my own high voltage pcb's for outdoor use and just use a clear high voltage varnish that burns away easily with a soldering iron and hardly glues the components to the pcb at all so very easy to repair and see IC markings etc so that would be perfectly feasible for commercial manufacturers to use too if they had the will.

Indee, in my DC controller, i have even used just foam, to keep some rather long caps from vibrating.

I would not mind, it beeing unrepairable, if it would be unbrakable.

But isnt only the case beeing broken there? Nowadays, you can easly manufacture those! Or just use a metal box, i does not have to look pretty.


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