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Now Solar Freakin' Railways!

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I do so hope the image provided is just some editor's idiotic idea

Putting solar panels between the rails might not be as bad an idea as a solar freakin' roadway, but it's still a stupid idea - it's dirty (from dust & lubricant contamination), high-vibration, and just utterly unnecessary - rail corridors almost always have significant unused space at the sides where panels could be better oriented


Agreed, there's way to much dirt/dust/oil/rust-powder covering rail tracks and generated by their use.
The best place for solar panels is on a roof or in a solar farm.

Maybe that will change if we get ~70% efficient panels that generate a kw and cost ~$10, but that's not going to happen for a while.

The trains will be fitted with a wiping and cleaning mechanism. That will clean the panels, each time it passes over them???

Why not put the panels on the trains?

Because trains have 10 000x less surface than railroad roofs or side walls.
Because trains have too much aerodynamic shapes, and vibration.
Because trains still care about space and weight, and passengers want large windows.
Because trains have variable shadows when moving.
Because trains are disconnected from the overhead network when not in use, and are subject to very harsh environments.

Putting solar panels on a car, train, or road is basically just a PR stunt for getting subventions.
Nothing more.
Nothing else.
Problem is that it just consumes resources and investments for no result.
Yeah, taxpayers will take the bill.


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