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Offline OffTheShelf SMPS wont pass radiated EMC?

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Would you agree, the 12Vout, 15W version of this Mornsun LS15 series SMPS  woudlnt be expected to pass radiated emissions EMC test, unless it was housed in a  metal screened enclosure?

Also, its datasheet  doesnt assure that it turns off below 85VAC...do you know if it does?

It's a basic PCB mount psu module treez, it's designed to be built into a product.

The pcb doesn't contain any EMC suppression components, you're supposed to use the additional suppression and protective components as indicated on pages 3 and 4 of the datasheet.

Would you agree?


Thanks yes, i agree with that.
Also, i believe that to  pass radiated emissions, it will need to be mounted in a metal shielded box, would you concur with this?

No, I wouldn't concur with this, treez.

There are many SMPSs of this power level range that pass radiated emissions without a metal case, many power bricks for a start, some use no screening, some use selective insulated copper foil screening in a plastic case.

There are many variables - the quality of your main PCB layout, routing, and suppression components, Y caps placement etc., whether you are using a 3 wire mains lead (whether the metal shielded box would be low impedance earthed or not), radiated emissions from input and output leads etc. It is down to how well you integrate this oem module into your product and characterise it.

I remember this being explained to you several times under your various identities.

Also bear in mind that some PSUs which pass EMC are only tested with a resistive load, and can fail under certain load conditions


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