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Open source EV chargepoint schematic

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Do you know where we can get the free download EV chargepoint schematic? Ive heard so much about it, but cant find it anywhere.
There is an open source chargepoint somewhere, but where , we dont know?

There is openEVSE with schematics on github.

Thanks yes, it seems to be here

...i am fishing around to see what they do for Type B RCD, inclusing the DC 6mA detection....or do they buy in a (always expensive)  RCD module?

The GFCI has self test capability so it can be made immune to DC in firmware - regularly self test and just trip the circuit if it fails.

Thanks, the thing is, the trip needs to happen within 900ms of the DC fault happening, so self test cant be used for this unfortunately.....unless you self test every 100ms or so.....but that seems excessive?


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