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Please recommend switching power supply

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--- Quote from: Faringdon on February 27, 2024, 05:33:22 pm ---Pse forgive me, but i believe The answer has already been given above.....just buy a plastic box and cut a hole in  it for a chassis mount IEC connecter.
Cut the  hole by eg drilling multiple holes and then needle filing the plastic dross between the holes.

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What is the purpose of a plastic box? Is it to reduce the chance of me accidently touching the terminals?

OK. I have decided to get a Mean Well power supply just for the current project. I already have a lab bench PSU. If I need one more for other projects, I will buy another one later.

I went to Amazon and saw some IEC power connectors with a switch. How come almost all of them are for 250V rather than 110/125V used in North America? Any recommended brand and product?  I don't know if those made in China products have passed some electrical regulations before being sold in North America.

yes, to stop touching, you dont need the box if you dont want.


--- Quote from: Whales on February 23, 2024, 09:28:45 am ---
This sort of power cord:

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Cut the IEC plug off and wire it directly to the power supply.  For 150W you will find that any gauge of power cord will be enough, but to be certain you can compare the amperage rating written on the side of the cord with what's written on the power supply.

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By amperage rating written on the power supply, do you mean the input amperage rather than the output amperage? For the LRS-350-24, is it better to buy a power cord of 18AWG or 16AWG?



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