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Please recommend switching power supply

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Hello, I am looking into purchasing a switching power supply (48VDC, 150W) to provide power for two motor controllers. I was recommended a Mean Well LRS-150-48 but it does not have a hole to plug in the power cord. What options do I have? Any other good products of very similar capabilities?


--- Quote ---but it does not have a hole to plug in the power cord.
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Do you mean that it doesn't have an IEC power connector?

A lot of 48V power supplies will have screw terminals for bare wires, not an IEC power plug.  They're targeted at equipment installers and technicians, not consumers.

You might be able to find some in a "laptop brick" style form factor (plastic case with an IEC power connector), but they'll probably cost more.  Check digikey, element14, mouser, RS-components and the other usual suspects.

I think so. Are there commercially available adapter/case with IEC power slot and perhaps also terminals cover that I can add to those 48V power supplies?

I searched Amazon for bench switching power supply at 24-48V but they only have one set of outputs. I need to drive two motor controllers from the same power supply. As for stores like digikey, it looks like unless I am willing to pay over $220, there is no 48VDC with dual outputs of at least 6A.

You can buy "panel mount" IEC power connectors that are designed to go onto the side of a metal box.  Sadly cutting the right size and shape hole is a pain without the right tools (drill bits + sheet metal nibblers).

In the hobbyist 3d printer world we cheat by 3d printing screw terminal covers and IEC connector mounts for these power supplies.  This isn't heat proof, fire proof or otherwise safety approved (but when dealing with CNC-controlled soldering irons that self-feed fuel you tend to have to supervise the machines anyway).

Why do you need an IEC power plug?  Would wiring a normal power lead (with powerpoint plug on one end) be good enough?  Then perhaps put it in a metal box with the power cord travelling through a gland as you only need to drill a round hole in the box for this to work.

I used to make my own PC using those power supplies which came with an IEC power connector and an ON/OFF switch. So those Mean Well ones look a bit strange to me.

Do you mean do what the gentleman showed in the video (from 8:30)?

At Home Depot, shall I look for Heavy Duty or Medium Duty Extension Cord? What product/brand and wire gauge (in.) do you recommend?
What is powerpoint plug?


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