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As you may already know there the are many different plugs and electrical rules around the world.
Here in Denmark this plug is more or less standard 16A 230V AC[attachimg=1]
But now I just learned that 16A is only for "Normal use" ????????
From the standard DS 60884-2-D1 that should be the same as IEC 60884-1

--- Quote ---You must always charge a socket with up to 6 A regardless
rated current at repeated, continuous load on
more than 2 hours a day.
You must load the socket with a greater load than
6 A if you make a concrete assessment of the installation,
see how under the box.

k1: 16 A Sockets mounted with 1.5 mm2
k2: Recessed mounting in insulated wall
k3: Tempered brass pins on the plug

--- End quote ---
I think it crazy that it up to the use to user to know all that to be safe and inside the rules.

Is that the same in for example USA ?

Here is the tabel

I think they them self did think this was dangerous and made this sige page warning.

You can get sockets (German or french style) that are for 16A continuous ( for EV charging)
test is 5h @ 26A with limited temp. increase on contacts.

google Hager witty  or Legrand Greenup.
Not sure if they make a Danish version.


In the US generally the continuous load should be limited to 80% of the max rating.  So if you have a 16A sustained load you need wiring rated for 20A.  I don't know all the details and it gets more complicated in commercial settings where it is more common to have an entire panel for lighting that will be on for 8 hours straight.

80% seems reasonable, reducing a 16A circuit to 6A seems strange. 


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