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I have a handheld handheld console but something strange happened to me twice, I kept the device turned off with the xiaomi BM20 battery inserted and both times after a period of non-use (maximum 2 months) when I went to use the device the battery was swollen swollen, what could be happening? if I store the BM20 outside the device it does not swell in the stove but it is very annoying to keep putting and removing the battery from the device

It means you should never leave the battery in that device again when you aren't using it.

Maybe even when the device is "off" there is significant leakage current drawn from the battery enough so that the
battery gets over-discharged past its maximum limit in that time.

Or if you had the charger connected but the device "off" then maybe the battery was over-charged by that device.

Or even if the device clamps the battery physically somehow too tightly when the device has the battery installed then that puts a bad stress on the battery.

In any case you really must not store the cells in that device.  And if you are going to store them anywhere long term
you should consider something like a closed metal paint can or other closed metal case filled with sand around the stored batteries and located in a safe place away from anything that could be damaged if the battery has a problem.

I bought several BM20 batteries on Aliexpress the same from the same seller but they only swell if they are inserted in the device for a long time without use he said they are original and their value is high, they had a voltage of 4.1v

device is handheld Powkiddy Q80

The aliexpress cells are just crap and possibly dangerous. Don't waste your money on them.


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