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problem with Sim6822m for BLDC


I am going to design a BLDC circuit i have prepared an IPM part number sim6822m my problem is here when IPM pinout connect to bldc motor the circuit does not turn on and no current flow and does not turn on IPM mosfet. it does not get hot and after cutting off the power supply the output of the IPM is 22 OHM with ground.
why is this happening?
my ipm has been damaged

File added below

When bringing up a high power system like this it's a good idea to do testing in stages to reduce chance of damage (both to the hardware and yourself):
1. Test just the board with the IPM and MCU (no motor connected). Just generate simple PWM waveforms from the MCU and verify that the IPM outputs are correct. Power the IPM output stage with a bench PSU set to low voltage and a low current limit (like 15V and 0.1A).
2. Add your motor (or a smaller motor, if you have one) and test at the lowest possible speed and torque. Modify the controller to have a low current limit (by increasing your current sense resistor). Verify the IPM outputs still look clean, and that your feedback components are working properly.
3. Gradually increase the operating power as you monitor its behavior.


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