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Protected 24V, 200A Switch

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I need to switch 200A to an approximately resistive load (slightly inductive) and i would like to protect the switch from a short curcuit on the output (R < approximately 0.1Ohms). So the solution would be a high power e-fuse design, but the question is which solution would be the most robust and cost effective? Is a hot swap controller worth the additional cost or would a simple solution with a comparator controlling a few paralleled MOSFETS be ok?

200A is your 'normal' current, so the short cct current must be immense.
One good way for you is to do multiple current source paths to the load....and have cheap B2B IGBT switchs in each of them...so then each has less current to break.
Also have a fuse in each of the current source paths.

The point is that the short circuit current has to be limited by opening the FETs in time. And IGBTs are not the right choice with 24V

You would need quite a large MOSFET for a regular hot-swap controller to do the job, and you can't parallel them when linear operation is used; or not without a considerable amount of source degeneration, which defeats the purpose (big voltage drop at nominal current).  Even then, at some point, too much gate charge will make the control unacceptably slow, or unstable.

A switching design, probably multi-phase, would be effective, but you'd have to create your own as I don't think such a thing exists.

Or single phase if the "slightly inductive" load is sufficient, and is okay with being chopped (and this doesn't emit destructive EMI throughout your system, etc..), but honestly at these currents, I'm okay with the added complexity of multi-phase control to save on filter capacitance, switch node limits, and scaling in general (SMD transistors and off the shelf inductors will suffice).


some ssr relays  ??

you do have IGBT based switches too


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