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I was recommended to store Li-Po or Li-ion smartphone batteries for the long term with a charge between 3.75v and 3.80v, today I measured the voltage of the BM20 and BP-5L batteries and they are with 3.74v at this voltage. do I need to recharge again to 3.80v?

No. Monitor them regularly and if they drop below e.g. 3.5V, charge them to e.g. 3.8V.

i charged to 3.8v and stored these two batteries for 2 or 3 months and now they are at 3.74v and i thought it was to recharge

LiPo Cell Voltage:
The usable voltage range for a standard lipo battery cell is 3.2v to 4.2v. Any lower than 3.2v and the battery may be permanently damaged. Any higher than 4.2v and you significantly increase the risk of a battery bursting into flames.
So keep it above 3.4V and you should be ok.

LiFePo4 Is a bit lower voltage than Li-po, but you are not using that?

my batteries are xiaomi BM20 and Nokia BP-5L

currently their charge is at 3.74v do you recommend me to charge to 3.8v or not?


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