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I am in doubt if these two BM20 and BP-5L batteries are lithium or lithium polymer batteries or lithium ions

the BP-5L batteries are 1800mah and the BM20 battery is 2000 I charged them using this photo charger for 75% after how many days do I need to recharge them again so they have long storage and durability?


Please help

Those are lithium polymer cells.  The chemistry is basically the same but standard lithium ion are usually metal cylindrical cells while flat/rectangular cells are almost always lithium polymer.  Technically it doesn't have to be, you can make a polymer electrolyte cell rolled in a cylinder or a liquid electrolyte in a prismatic cell but it is very uncommon.

Regardless, self discharge depends on temperature, battery condition, and age, but takes about a year.  Topping them up every few months should be enough to keep them healthy.

I have xiaomi BM20 2000mah 4.2v and Chinese BP-5L 1800mah 3.7v batteries and I recharged it to 75% and stored it using this photo charger and I need to know how much I will recharge again to preserve battery life
temperature my home varies 31-34ÂșC


It's not super sensitive, probably storing anywhere from 40-85% will avoid unnecessary damage.  Really if you that concerned about battery longevity you probably shouldn't be buying the cheapest batteries and chargers from aliexpress.


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