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    As Elon Musk said that he can power South Australia upto 100MW, What will he use for Battery storage. LI-ion batteries? They will have maximum of 1000 cycles of working, after that do we need to keep on changing the battery system,isnt it costly? My general doubt is that how batteries can replace traditional grid system as batteries working cycle must also be considered as a fact? Wont it result in much more high cost for developing such plants. Enlighten me in this topic? sorry if the question is silly as I'm new to this field.

Lithium batteries aren't the only technology available for stationary applications. e.g. Edison NiFe cells - can have a 50 year lifespan with a small amount of maintenance.

But tesla uses Li-Ion right? My major doubt is such kind of battery technologies are feasible for long term like our Power distributed stations.

Tesla uses li-ion, but for this application you want something like LiFePo4. Expensive, certainly - but also similar enough to conventional li-ion that the existing Tesla production lines should be able to churn them out without too much alteration.

Or you could do it old-school. After all, weight and size are no object - what's to stop you from just using a heap of lead-acids? Really cheap, very long life, and when they do wear out they are highly recyclable.

Elon Musk is the poster-boy for Big Energy.

* Residential electric energy use will go up several-fold if electric cars become mainstream.
* Savings for The Network will be huge if batteries-at-home becomes mainstream - it will make it much easier for them to control peak demand. Of course those savings will not be passed on to the residential slave.

So really, Big Energy's investments are just given a different product mix. All under an enviro-propaganda umbrella.

Just like today's solar scams, with home Solar Slaves generating cheap power for The Fossilised Grid, the Network always wins - while using your tax dollars. Nice work if you can get it. Elon Musk is part of the problem: a media darling calling for more 'sustainable' living while in reality just pushing the same wasteful energy use elsewhere while his company stands to benefit the most from all the environmental propaganda he spews forth.

Meanwhile, truly sustainable living and self-sufficiency gets pushed out to the fringes & outlawed by political parasites. After all, it means rebalancing the power from centralised control to non-centralised - and we can't have that. Elon Musk is part of the problem.


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