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« on: February 20, 2019, 07:28:03 pm »
Draw some pretty renders and make a promo video and hope someone gives you a crap ton of money

I'm betting the numbers aren't nearly as good as they claim.

Claimed rack of 30 bikes driven 3.6km each can harvest 1kWh total.
Claimed 19.5MWh produced per day by cyclists, so at 33Wh harvested per bike you'd need almost 600 thousand bikes.
There stats supposed come from here, but I can't find it. Data in Amsterdam is based on only 10 active users anyway

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« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2019, 08:36:45 pm »
Utterly stupid  :palm: A reverse electric bike. Who wants that? Then again there are probably over a million bikes in Amsterdam.
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There are small lies, big lies and then there is what is on the screen of your oscilloscope.

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« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2019, 09:27:01 pm »
It all depends on how hard you make the cycling...  :P

The 3.6 km distance which they claim is enough to produce 33 Wh of electricity would take me 15 minutes to cycle. So an additional power output of 130 W is required. But 100 W are considered a typical power output for a pure bicycle generator (stationary, i.e. all your physical power goes into producing electricity). And 60 W seem to be a typical assumption for the power required to drive a bicycle, if you don't do it for transportation rather than athletics. So I highly doubt that an additional 130 W drag (times whatever efficiency factor) will prove very popular with Amsterdam cyclists.

I have no idea how they intend to capture braking engery with this, if they exchange only the front wheel of standard bikes.

But hey, the bike stand is shaped like an AC waveform, and the new front tires are blue! What could possibly go wrong?!  :palm:
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« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2019, 10:09:30 pm »
 :wtf:   :palm:

These green cult idiot ideas just keep getting more ridiculous every damn Day!
How stupid are people to fall for these moronic concepts?  They are beyond comprehension in their stupidity.
I know you are not supposed to question anything put forward by the green cult and it's preachings but.....

* 19.5 mwh generated every day generated by people riding bikes.  That's a lot of energy potential to put into the batteries.
Only thing is, if you put that energy into batteries, WTF is going to propel people on their bikes to where they are going?  Sunshine and Unicorn farts?  Do they think all that energy is just being generated for nothing and dissipating into thin air?
No you morons, it's being generated and used by people getting to where they are going by pumping into their Bikes!.  |O

Yeah, I realise that's hard to see and easily missed by people without degrees in Rocket Surgery  but if you spend the time getting a degree in Physics, You'll be able to see it's true. Or you could just open your eyes and activate 10 brain cells and that would do it too! 

* Anyone that ever had a bike as a kid knows how hard it was to pedal it you had a little 6V 5W light on the thing. Any energy put into these batteries is going to make the bike noticeably harder to pedal and how many people are going to want that?  Amsterdam is flat as a pan cake so there is going to be no regenerative braking to speak off so it's all going to be additional grunt from people power input.  Good luck getting that to fly.   :horse:

* How much are all these wheels and docking stations going to cost to build and then install?  There would have to be some sort of inverters and control equipment to make them work not to mention digging up streets to run cables to dock the power.
What is the cost per Mwh generated going to be?  That's a standard number for any power generation concept and I'll bet the number for this moronic idea comes out at a laughable figure and it would probably be cheaper to fire a 5Kw petrol generator on Chanel No 5 than this idea AND, you get more power out of the generator in an hour than you would with this lame idea all day.

* If it takes 30 wheels to make 1 Kwh of power, whats the energy, resources and emissions going to be in creating those wheels and the batteries they contain going to be and how many Miles will they have to be ridden before they start making a return on that investment in resources and energy in their creation in the first place?
  More over, what happens to all the perfectly good wheels people are using now that will be replace by these new ones. Scrapped and recycled  therefor taking more energy and resources that have to be figured into the equation? At best.

* Are all the bikes in Amsterdam the same size and take the same size wheels?  Clearly the docking stations are going to have to be built to a standard or is there going to be more than one size wheel and mating dock?

* Why would I want to give power back to " The neighborhood?"  The power comes from Private power companies in the netherlands, either they provide power for street lights or local councils do.  Either way you want  the people to sweat their guts out pushing a bike that's now harder to ride to give the power back to either a gubbermint or a private enterprise making Millions? ( Billions in oz)  and that is already being paid for in taxes, rates and other charges?   :-DD
Why in hell, If I had a functioning brain cell would I want to do that??

* What potential power could they generate putting the same investment into other generation sources like mainstream Renewables... much as I think they are over hyped, like solar and Wind?  No, they can't put solar in the city but they can further out and are planning to do that.  They have wind farms along the Hauge and as damaging and UN-environmental as they are, would make more freaking sense than stuffing about with effing batteries in bike wheels?

Why do the green washed always have this obsession with fluffing around with insignificant minnows when there are so many whales out there that could be addressed and actually do some real good?
Well the answer of course is money.  I'll gaurantee this is nothing more than an investment scam and what better place to have one than in a place where half the population at least is off their tits on all sorts of things.

I'd like to see a comparison as to how many KWH a year they could generate with this lame brain scheme with real world uptake ( and it's NOTHING like 1.9 Mwh) as against what they could do with the same money putting 5 Kw solar systems on roofs where they are allowed out of the city centre.
Don't matter where it's generated, even the ridiculously inflated figure of 1.9 Mwh is going to be a drop in the ocean in the suburbs of any city. 

Clearly the solar is going to win hands down.

Sad part is this will never amount to anything realistic.  As I said, it will probably get some awards off the greenwashed  zealots, will probably bring in a truck load of money for the scammers behind it and It might even get installed in a few places. Where it will be totally under utilised and ripped out in a year or 3 costing the planet more in emissions and resources than it ever had a hope of saving and in the grand scheme of things the most it could have  contributed to the planet is to have been nipped in the bud as the stupid and pointless idea it is from the start.

Another prime example of where doing nothing is the best thing that could be done for the cause of saving the planet and the greenest option of all.

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« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2019, 10:31:20 pm »
 :palm: Man domestivated horse about 40.000 years ago. Because we dont want manual labour.
Now these people want to do things "more efficiently". Guess what, I was on a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test some time ago. You know, when they ask you to go as fast as possible, until you faint. I was generating like 300W for 5 minutes, then almost pass out. So that's how much energy I was able to make.

Also this energy came from farming, I eat meat, agriculture is the biggest polluter ever. While going through a bunch of gears, A DC-DC battery charger, stored in a battery, run through an inverter. I think it wont generate enough electricity over it's lifetime to cover the manufacturing of the battery.

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« Reply #5 on: February 21, 2019, 04:28:57 am »
Another massive-flashing-banners-interspersed-with-tiny-bits-of-text website. Ideal when the owner has nothing particularly useful to say!

I'd guessed WordPress, but actually worse. Squarespace.  :palm:
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« Reply #6 on: February 26, 2019, 12:09:09 pm »
Looks like yet another "free energy" scam taking the form of hidden human slavery.  :-DD

Efficiency considerations aside (and the whole thing would probably have negative global outcome, as others have guessed, if you consider the whole chain from the manufacturing to the energy actually usable), yes, this energy is indeed taken from the poor guys (/gals) that would be pedaling away. There is no free energy. Repeat after me.  :-DD So yeah they would just give some of their own energy so it's transformed into storable energy in a battery (with probably poor efficiency). It's nice to be willing to contribute, but come on. People pay taxes for that. Do they now have to contribute with their own calories? :o

Yeah. There will be no lack of those greenish projects for decades to come. But guys, if you add some AI to that, you may be able to get even more cash!
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« Reply #7 on: April 12, 2019, 07:02:25 am »

A. The whole foundation of the idea is that energy generated by bicyclists in Amsterdam is very large.
B. It ignores the fact that absolutely 100% of this energy generated by the bicyclists is used up - to actually transport the bicyclist from one place to another.
C. Therefore, with no leftover energy in the bicycle, what is left to take from the bike to power anything else?

The rider would have to generate extra power on top of what they use to move from place to place. Since the bicycle is already incredibly efficient, generating small amounts of usable electricity would take significant incremental effort.

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