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Scored some Siemens Panels, usable?



I scored some Siemens panels, rated 53W. However beeing a noob in this, I get feared about the 600V open current voltage. I guess I should better not touch a contact when the panel is in the light. One can sure shorten the panels when installing I guess?

So my main concern is what type of solar regulator I need? Does it have to deal with the 600V? If so it would be useless as they are too expensive for a hack. Or is the OPEN CKT. 21.7V the value the regulator have to deal with?

O wait... MAX SYST. OPEN CKT. V. ... Does that mean several panels in serial should not exceed 600V in total?



There are two open circuit voltages listed on the label 21.7V is the open circuit voltage for an individual panel.

The 'Max. System Open Ckt V' is 600V'.

The system open circuit is for all the panels connected in series. So the limit is:

600/21.7 =27 panels

So they basically saying don't connect more than 27 panels in series.

The 600V is an expression of how good the insulation is on each panel from the cells to the frame.



Yea, I already suspected it while writing... But thanks for the confirm!

So I can use any solar regulator which else fits in the specs and can deal with 30V (to be safe) and also fits in the other specs.



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