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SMPS Controller datasheets and imposible to find transformers etc


Most controller and evaluation boards include a BOM. I never find magnetic component identification information any use at all.

Take the MPS MPX2002/3 flyback controller datasheet and evaluation boards for example. Various transformers are
- RM10 FX0575
- RM10 ZYD FX0606
- ZYD ATQ24 FX0633-1
- ARK ATQ2718 FX0652

RM10 is a core size. Maybe ATQ24 and ATQ2718.

Searching for any of these transformer cores is pointless. Either nothing is returned or the only instance is a link to the datasheet itself. It's the same with resonant controller evaluation boards.

Same problem with chokes and inductors.

I get that the evaluation boards are made in China and ZYD and ARK are probably Chinese companies. Also, that this wouldn't be a problem for those designing power supplies as a profession. I'm not.

Can anyone help me identify these transformer cores please?


You just want to know what cores ATQ24 and ATQ27 refer to?


I have used the ATQ style and they are generally well optimized, and good especially for use in the vertical orientation. There are many variants, and not much standardization so YMMV for different sizes/geometries of so-called ATQ. If you don’t have a specific requirement for these cores, and you don’t have a big space constraint, and don’t plan to manufacture in China, the RMs, PQs, POTs, etc can still do very well. By the way, EQ and ATQ seem to be sort of similar, except ATQ tends to have an oblong/ovular center-post cross section

In the past I've contacted the vendor for the dev board (NXP and Linear Tech, off the top of my head) and they were often happy to send me their drawing of the transformer, which you could send to any CM if you wanted to duplicate it. Not sure if all companies do this, however.

Devboards are often an EMC nightmare.
Take those design with a grain of salt.

Thanks very much for the replies!


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