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So what about fusion?

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Alex Eisenhut:
I like this


because it looks so cool. Anyone know if this could be legit?

(takes forever to load, we know they ain't spending time or money on a web guy)

It's just ten years away.  :-DMM

Site is made by web designer rather than scientists. Clean energy, no radioactive vaste, it is just not true.
Fusion reaction produces high energy neutrons which impacting surrounding materials and thus producing so called inducted radioactivity.


--- Quote from: retrolefty on January 18, 2016, 02:09:09 am ---It's just ten years away.  :-DMM

--- End quote ---

They say that line since the 70s.  :-DD

I went to Culham fusion lab as a youth when they were building JET, and they confidently predicted nuclear fusion "in a decade or two" - that was over 30 years ago.

Nuclear fusion is inherently hard to do - as far as we know. In order to make it a practical commercial proposition, there would need to be scientific/technological breakthroughs to make it possible. In comparison, with the light bulb, it was well known that heating a filament would create light - the commercial problem was creating a bulb where the filament lasted more than a few hours, which lead to Edison's observation "genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration".

Nuclear fusion is unlikely to ever be cheap, abundant or clean, if you actually look into the details behind the hype. When people start talking about business plans which include getting raw materials from the Moon, they are clearly hopeless. Business people shy away from multi-billion $ projects, unless there is a pretty guaranteed return on investment. When you throw in nuclear radiation and advanced technology, it becomes even less appealing.

We are a very long way away from practical, commercially viable fusion power. I predict we might build a government sponsored prototype eventually (maybe DEMO), but at such huge cost and complexity no business will ever build one.

As the morning sun shines through my window, surely it is easier and quicker to build wind turbines and solar panels, to exploit the nuclear fusion source we know already works?


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