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The Soulman:
Please debunk this one, almost ashamed being Dutch.

--- Quote ---Effortless Energy

Lightyear One is charged by solar power. This unique quality allows it to drive for months without charging. You are sure to have peace of mind, knowing your electric car can always drive. The battery ensures that you can drive anywhere, even at night.

--- End quote ---


one-seater made of 2 bicycle frames could be called a "car" and could be light enough to make it work  :-DD  :-DD  :-DD

What is there to debunk? You can charge a car with solar energy.
It is about 5 km/day, in ideal conditions. If you cover more of the car, it will generate more. I guess if you cover the bonnet/hood (I hope both side of the ocean understands it) and the rear of the car, maybe you get 15km.

I have a solar panel on the top of my prius (3).
It was supposed to charge the HV battery, but the electronics generated too much EMC, so Toyota had the system removed. Instead, it runs the air conditioning system when the sun is shining.
But the car is definitely cooler if the system is turned on, on a hot belgian summer day (haha. hahahaha.).


--- Quote from: NANDBlog on November 07, 2017, 10:13:35 am ---What is there to debunk? You can charge a car with solar energy.

--- End quote ---

yes you can but to get the 10.000 to 20.000 km per year from solar (that's on their website) you have to have a very light vehicle with a big solar panel. so definitely not doable with a nowadays "standard" car. 
5km a day yields only  1825km and you have to have 365 sunny days per year for that :)

NO debunking required !! (Facts / figures may be stretched, but I didn't read it yet). As part of the WSC, we recently completed the 30th anniversary of the
famous Darwin to Adelaide challenge ! This is the 3rd season of the road-legal "capable" category, and we had 14 teams already.
Some were a bit silly, not really functional, but each season, they are getting far better. For 100s of photos and videos, check either -
https://www.facebook.com/WorldSolarChallenge?fref=ts   Facebook or https://www.worldsolarchallenge.org/dashboard/map  main website
From there, you can follow links to dozens of Universities own pictures and technical info. I was very impressed with some of the entries, remembering that
most teams are made of students with ONLY their first season, a few may do 2 seasons before they finish Uni. The future is VERY BRIGHT :-)


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