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Solar Charge Controller ?


Hello, anyone as experience designing solar charge controller, i actually work with PHOCOS LCC series (for 12V and 6V), but i need design my own, any experience with Texas controller or any other ?.


--- Quote ---but i need design my own
--- End quote ---


One of my designs. PWM only, no MPPT, good for 10A without heatsinks, or lots-of-amps with. If you are mentioning 6V, I'm guessing this is shed-scale rather than house-scale solar, so PWM is probably what you want.

Codebird, are you a British chap? That schematic and design ( and the "diode-diode" as well)looks a lot like a design I am about to try and replicate that I found on one of my fav YouTube channels.

Typo well spotted, and that does sound like me. ChannelBeforePurpose?


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