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Hello everyone recently I bought three 200w solar panels, and I want to build a 750w inverter, but i have little experience with ac circuits.

My idea is a 750w(output)  inverter , capable of dynamic loads, with reactive power provision.

I need something like a guideline to design this inverter, articles, books, reference designs and tips would be very helpful as well.

Thanks in advance.

ps:Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I am still learning English.


No offence but you sound like somebody who is at the beginning of their adventure with electronics and this is no beginner project although it does seem to be a popular beginner project. If a mass produced Chinese unit can blow up quite easily what chances do beginner hobbyists have producing something reliable and safe? If you don't have "much experience with AC circuits" thing going anywhere near the mains which is what this entails is a very bad idea. Your best bet is to buy one of those cheap city ones of eBay or get a good quality one but they do cost money.


very expensive but i think they may have open sourced it? 
Never the less if you follow the links there is plenty of learning to be had.

A very wise move on TI's part they have obviously noted all of the people out there trying to build their own grid tie inverter's. I suppose – I've not read the whole blurb – if somebody came up with a good enough controller with the flexibility you could add the required power station to suit the power you require.


--- Quote from: blueskull on October 23, 2016, 09:10:31 am ---
Look at the power output connector! That gives you a Jesus cord!
Also, IMHO, all software controlled MOSFET designs without hardware desat/over current protection are looking for trouble.

--- End quote ---
Yeah did not twig to that, it isn't the standard way to connect to the grid.
They do seem to have fuses on the output though.
Maybe FET overcurrent is controlled by the chip or a FET driver.


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