Author Topic: solar Panels (PV) and High Temperature  (Read 7490 times)

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Re: solar Panels (PV) and High Temperature
« Reply #25 on: August 03, 2016, 07:59:54 am »
How much the efficiency goes down depends on the type of cell. Thin film cells tend to be more sensitive to high temperature. Special Cells (AFAIK GaAs base) can even be slightly more efficient at higher temperature, but these are more suited for concentrated PV.

So check the data for the moduls to have not to much degradation with high temperatures. It might also be worth allowing for good air cooling, e.g. by not keeping the wind away or avoiding high temperature from a dark area near by.

As usual performance data are relatively optimistic - even in cold regions the cells can be well above 25 C in the sun.

The high peak output for the moment when a cloud just gives free the sun is not so much because of the temperature, but there is extra radiation scattered from the clouds. So you get the full direct sun plus some extra scattered light.


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