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solar Panels (PV) and High Temperature

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Hi all
I live in Africa near the Sahara Desert.  We get temperature up too and more then 45 Deg C, what effect this has on solar panels (PV) efficiency wise!


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i think the issue is more of the electronic components, most of them will not work well operating at 50C. Solar panels themselves will do fine with the heat as they are supposed to have the sun directly at them. The main question is is the temperature from the sun shining directly or ambient temperature like when you're in the shade? make sure the plastic cover you use doesnt degrade under the sun.

Solar panel output power degrades with temperature.  Current remains constant while voltage drops.  The effects are pretty strong, with losses relative to 23C in the neighborhood of 25% at the temperatures you are likely to observe.  I would also expect shorter cell life due to the high temperatures and also to the wider diurnal temperature swings you are likely to see.  I don't have any numbers, but I wouldn't expect to see the normal 20-25 year lifetimes in your environment.

Don't the Panasonic HIT panels have really small loss of efficiency at high temperatures?

As others say, panel output drops with increasing temp.

Panels nominal output ratings are based on  standard test conditions (STC): irradiance of 1,000 W/m², solar spectrum of AM 1.5 and module temperature at 25 °C..

A panels datasheet will list its temperature coefficient and usually show coresponing curves.

Marco - I have 8 HIT panels - they have no special advantage re temperature that I am aware of.


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