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I am looking at options for a project I am building.

One of the ideas is to use solar Panels. I need to 20W-40W panels for as cheap as possible.

Where is a good place to get these solar panels at volume?



Lord of nothing:
Ebay?  :-//

Though they mostly deal in larger PV panels, I would give Sun Electric a call. I believe they ship worldwide and have some warehouses outside the US.  They have more panels than are listed on their website and do sometimes have smaller panels in the size you are looking for.  They sell panels in bulk from individual pallets up to full shipping containers.

Whenever people choose a size panel, even doubling that amount makes a project marginal.

KD0CAC John:
Being that you are in Australia , I could not say for sure .
A while back 1 - 2 yrs. ago someone was selling in bulk - shipping containers at very low pricing about $0.26 per. watt , and there was some issue about not being able to ship directly into US .
Next issue is that small panels [ that's relative - 12v 5o watt panels used to be big , now 24v 300 watt are average ] , when you get as same as what your asking about - then the typical rip-off pricing is common about $8 - $14 per. watt .
So unless there is a special need for small panel , buying average panel for $0.69 - $0.99 per. watt .
Buy small 40w x $14 per watt = $560 screw yourself
Buy average 280w x $0.69 per watt = $193.2 get a deal


As usual your search results may vary 


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