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Solar panels to recharge 5 off in series 12V accumulators during the day?

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In Australia most grid slaves pay about 500 AUD per year (about 290 GBP) just for the privilege of an electricity connection. Usage Charges are on top of that. Talk about a scam. Anyway, these need to be taken into account, not just the KWh prices.

What device are you powering, by the way?


Chris Wilson:
We would need to pay the connection charge come what may, as there's no way I would make all the hassling changes to try and be independent of it, although i do know two people here in the UK who claim running a modern diesel 3 phase generator on red diesel (tax subsidized) diesel by night and solar / storage by day is cheaper, but i am skeptical). I am running an RF amplifier most nights, and it uses a minimum of 1kW input. But with those costings I'll just keep sending the electric company a cheque each quarter :)


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