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Solar Power Grid Feed-in question... Just had solar and battery installed


Hi guys,

I just had solar upgraded at my property. The installer did a tidy job, but the electrician made couple very minor errors, it was a friday.
He's possibly made a Human error and the grid feed-in has not been restricted to 5KW.

I get paid $0.08 per kwh. Now obviously I understand the reasons why energex would restrict grid feed in to 5kw, but my question is... since a human error has been made by others, and they are receiving up to 10kw of energy whether they want it or not, does anyone know if their meters are clever enough to only pay me for the 5kw maximum they said I could sell to them, and they simply pocket the extra free of charge. Or do you reckon it'll register all the excess in error and end up crediting the excess beyond the 5kw to my account so that I get paid for the extra?

Obviously, the answer has a great bearing on whether I shall fix this human error or not....  >:D


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